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Big Beat Red Hot Rock-A-Boogie
from Berlin...

Way back in the mists of time when there was but light, sound, guitar, bass & drums it was all Blues, Swing and Rockabilly. From the legend of this heavenly state called 'the 50s' Jenny & The Lovers appeared on stage in a mystic flash - and here they are, spreading word of the great era of Rock'n'Roll!
There ain‘t no fakes, no twists, no brakes: The spirit of the good ol‘ days with a kick-ass rockin‘ sound and vibrant vocal fire.
Nitro burnin' hot rod fun!



Jenny and the Lovers - Big Beat red Hot rock-A-Boogie

Joe is proud to play BandLcustomguitars custom guitars.

Our favourite record store in Berlin:vopo records




Check out this rockin' little record - it's distributed exclusively for the benefit of an organization that supports families of children with cancer: EkK Chemnitz e.V. Click on pic for more details!

Jenny and The Lovers Little But I'm Loud CD

Rockin' record
STRANGELOVE available around the world!

Jenny and The Lovers Strangelove CD

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